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Toyota Supra funny car is all business with a possible 11,000 horsepower

The A90 Toyota Supra might be recognised a lot more as a circuit carver, but that has not stopped the Major T from campaigning it in the most American of motorsports: drag racing. Unveiled at Auto Club Speedway in Pomona, Calif., one particular of the spiritual residences of postwar scorching rodding, the funny car previews what admirers can expect to see at drag strips for the 2022 NHRA season.

Of training course, there is minor in popular with the genuine Supra highway car. It drapes a vaguely Supra-esque carbon fiber entire body more than a dedicated tube frame drag chassis. The silhouette is produced as slippery as feasible, so most of the Supra structure cues are just massive decals. It might look foolish, but it is no a lot more weird than the Toyota Celica NHRA car of the 2000s or the outgoing Camry drag car that the Supra is

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