‘Think of your dash cam as a witness helping your cause’

In no way believed it’d come to this, but I reckon it’s time each motorist meticulously contemplates putting in an equaliser (aka a sprint cam or other audio visual machine) inside of the car seeking at other motorists.

I’m not conversing about new and pointless Federal government legislation forcing us to do this. Alternatively, I recommend we celebrate the state-of-the-art and cost-effective evidence-accumulating tech out there to us. For the superior fellas – which is the overwhelming greater part of us – we have small to stress about as these cameras can and do support protect us and our vehicles (criminals loathe cameras).

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Most effective sprint cams 2017

Also, we really should try to remember that if sprint, head or physique cams are correct for expanding quantities of general public transportation vehicle motorists additionally riders of two-wheeled equipment, then they’re similarly suitable for motor

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