Tesla electric cars cover higher annual mileages than cars from any other brand

Tesla drivers protect a better regular yearly mileage than entrepreneurs of cars from any other manufacturer, new figures expose.

In the to start with a few many years of owning a new car, Tesla drivers protect an regular of twelve,459 miles a yr. Mercedes entrepreneurs are next, masking twelve,one hundred miles each and every yr, though Volvo entrepreneurs regular 11,578 miles each and every yr.

In accordance to evaluation of MoT details for 516,936 vehicles carried out by the RAC Foundation just before the coronavirus crisis, the regular British driver handles 10,377 miles a yr in the to start with a few many years of owning a manufacturer new car.

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Diesel cars protect twelve,496 miles for every yr on regular, though petrol cars only do seven,490 miles a yr. Interestingly, absolutely electrical cars land approximately in the middle, masking an regular of nine,435 miles for

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