Lotus E-R9 EV endurance racer previews future engineering tech

Lotus is a motorsport innovator, and with this E-R9 EV endurance racer strategy it is providing us a preview to the type of tech we could see lining up on race grids by 2030.

Designed by Lotus Engineering, it is a know-how showcase of the company’s “philosophy, capacity and revolutionary spirit in the fields of innovative electrified powertrains and aerodynamics.”

As a final result, the Lotus E-R9 attributes four electric powered motors – a single per wheel – with torque vectoring to boost the car’s dynamic capacity, making on know-how presently integrated on the brand’s Evija hypercar. Lotus suggests that for the E-R9, the tech would be absolutely adjustable on the move.

A different important innovation for the automobile is its aerodynamics. The E-R9 employs ‘morphing’ body panels that are found throughout the car’s delta wing profile. These surfaces are active and can modify their form at the contact

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