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Automotive IGBT lead times prolonged to 50 weeks

Delivery lead times for automotive-qualified IGBTs have been prolonged to 50 weeks or more, with the component shortage showing no sign of easing, according to industry sources in China.

The impact of automotive IGBT shortages on China’s new energy vehicle (NEV) market could be more severe than that of automotive MCU shortages in the second half of 2022, the sources indicated.

Automotive IGBT suppliers have already seen their book-to-bill ratios come to 2:1, the sources noted, adding Infineon’s automotive IGBTs are always in short supply, and Onsemi has had to stop accepting orders due to its tight supply.

On another front, China-based channel distributors have slashed prices for certain automotive chips, the sources said. With COVID lockdowns easing in China and other Asian countries, the distributors are more capable of sourcing certain chips with negotiable prices.

Prices for STMicroelectronics’ L9369-TR chips, for example, have fallen significantly in China’s channel market,

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