Honda Odyssey Gets A Mugen Minivan Makeover In Japan

As soon as on a time, minivans ended up the awesome new choice to dull relatives station wagons. In an ironic twist of fate, they ultimately inherited the wagon’s title of dull relatives auto as SUVs grew to become the awesome new choice. In an even bigger twist of fate, wagons have since turn into awesome, and in some cases this sort of as the Audi RS6 Avant, they are exceptionally quick to boot. But that is a topic for a various time.

In the age of SUVs, minivans are practically extinct but that is not stopping Mugen from building them awesome. The noted Honda tuning organization lately announced a plethora of updates for the lately current Honda Odyssey that adds some visual bunch devoid of getting all shouty about it. There are even some below-the-skin enhancements, but unfortunately, it truly is not the bonkers twin-turbocharged Odyssey we know everybody

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