Kia Sonet petrol and diesel detailed review and expected price

What is it?

Kia actually made a mark in the mid-size SUV room with the Seltos, and now, with its compact SUV the Sonet, it is searching for another mega strike. Like the Seltos, the Sonet is an all-new model for Kia that made its world debut ideal right here in India and will afterwards be offered in other markets.

It shares a system with the Hyundai Location, and however you’d expect the Sonet to come to feel the very same from guiding the wheel, the two Korean corporations just take a very divergent approach with their system sharing. As opposed to the badge-engineered or delicate-facelift alterations we’ve observed other individuals opt for, Hyundai and Kia have made guaranteed their shared solutions have tiny in frequent. The exteriors and interiors bear no similarity, and equally also come to feel a bit different to generate, many thanks to subtle

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