5 Untapped Markets For Formula E Sponsorship

It is fair to say that Formulation E has skilled some severe growth, in particular amid young generations. Even while the sport’s fanbase is acquiring older, 72% of its followers on social media channels are underneath 35 several years outdated, and the quantities obtaining developed by 212% in the 2018/2019 time. Meanwhile, Formulation E has announced record revenues from its preliminary quantities for 2018/19, stating income of above €200 million, an increase of 50%.

Following several years of losses, it appears to be the activity is finally suffering from fantastic moments and sponsorship has accounted for a considerable section of the income, as companies start off to glance in direction of the future. Under is a thing to consider of 5 probable marketplaces the activity could explore for sponsorship and drive growth even more.

Casino and betting sponsors

Sports activities functions and go hand in hand and can increase some

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