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Mercedes GLS 450 review: Rising senses

Two segments that have found a raging fire in their belly in recent months stand at both ends of the SUV spectrum. The sub compact SUV and the super-sized SUV. While the former is getting rather crowded, the latter is made of a good mix of premium options for large families, with the Germans bringing up the frontline. Audi Q7, BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS have all had their fair share of updates – the X7 itself being an update to the segment. Now, the GLS is trying to do what Mercedes does best – impress by an amicable array of technologies and sheer size to begin with!

THE DIMENSIONS: l x w x h 5207 x 1956 x 1824 mm Wheelbase: 3134 mm Boot volume: 481 L All seats down: 2400 L, Curb weight: 2537 kg

THE SPECS: GLS 450 – 3.0L inline 6 turbo engine 367 hp 500

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