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GM and Honda just made it harder to sell a leased car to another brand

Standard Motors and Honda have tightened the screw on lease returns to guarantee their franchised dealers have an adequate source of used cars to promote in a period of time marked by shortages and skyrocketing prices. Each firms made it significantly additional tricky for a person leasing a car to return it to a dealership that represents an additional model.

Sector trade journal Automotive Information documented Standard Motors took the initial phase when it instructed its Financial arm to quit performing with non-model dealerships. Honda declared a identical policy several times later on. In both cases, the new procedures imply motorists now leasing a Standard Motors or Honda car (which include an Acura model) will not be allowed to promote it to any dealership that needs to obtain it, regardless of no matter if it really is a rival firm’s (Ford, for example) or a retailer that sells used cars

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