Shame On Consumer Reports!

When Ana Hua went to Bayside Imports on Northern Boulevard in Queens, she noticed a 2010 Mercedes SLK300 she appreciated and purchased it. But after every week of driving it and hearing noises coming from the engine, she took the car again to Bayside Imports and asked to see the Carfax report. When I took my car in to be worked on the mechanic mentioned one jumped out of the engine and ran throughout the garage. Just about every automaker tries to attraction to the boy racer in potential car buyers, ignoring women altogether. About 7 years in the past, I tried to break into the secret shopping game & I wound up quitting because of all the scammers, lies & methods to get the lists that you have posted FREE right here!

Yeah, I had a past expertise with mice entering into my automotive engine and my house when … Read More