Mahindra Axe review: Mahindra defense vehicle road test

This highway test was initially published in the September 2007 situation of Autcar India.

Why really do not you try this one,” he claims, egging us on carefully. We look over our shoulders to a steep climb that sales opportunities to a kind of ledge 10 ft higher than the dust path beneath. Definitely, we have misunderstood.

We glance back at him, but he smiles, nods and gesticulates in the exact direction, pointing to the major. Definitely this ex-army person and tank commander has taken go away of his senses almost certainly the outcome of all those superior-velocity tank shells staying fired only inches absent from his head. All that pounding need to have left a deep scar, simply because the only way we can get up that slope ourselves is on all fours! Nonetheless, he appears to be assured. Some head-scratching, soul-searching and dry gulps later, we gingerly level

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