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The older among the you will recall the superior old days of Winnebago RVs. In the seventies and early nineteen eighties, they were witnessed just about everywhere on the roads. Many people heading out on family vacation did so at the wheel of a major Winnebago.

These vehicles, like so a lot of other people, disappeared from the landscape over time, leaving us with only the memory of their existence. But if you’re the least little bit nostalgic, you can surely want to get a small street vacation back in time by having a close glance at this 1968 edition, which appeared for sale on the BringaTrailer.com website previous slide.

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1968 Winnebago F17, profile

1968 Winnebago F17, profile

The product, an F17 (Winnebago versions were selected by codes), was acquired by a spouse and children in 1968 and remained in its possession

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