Ford recalls 154,000 vehicles | Car News

The Takata airbag saga is observing however a different chapter extra to its background. A new remember has been issued in relationship to the defective part, this time simply because Ford has shed monitor of some outdated airbags put in all through repairs more than the many years. Recall that the defective Takata airbags can explode and mail shrapnel into the faces and higher bodies of car occupants.

Due to the fact the scandal erupted quite a few many years ago, some sixty seven million airbags have been recalled throughout the business, affecting 19 makers. In total, 27 men and women have died and all-around 400 have been wounded.

Ford is now recalling extra than 154,000 vehicles throughout North The united states for tests. In actuality, two recollects are taking area. The premier a person consists of some 153,000 vehicles currently being recalled simply because Ford has shed monitor of

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