The Best Audio Upgrades for Your Bagger

Practically, there are a whole lot of different ways to improve the sound system of

Practically, there are a whole lot of different ways to improve the sound system of your bagger motorcycle. From high-quality drop speakers to a high-end audio controller, or a more powerful amplifier and kits designed to improve your audio power better, there is an endless list of stereo-competent options to consider when it comes to improving your bagger sound system. In this article, we’ll be revealing the top groups of audio products that can enhance your biking moment and grant you an enjoyable riding time while on your motorcycle. Are you ready?

Hogtunes In-Fairing Bluetooth Music Controller

Designed and programmed to effectively enhance the onboard entertainment options on Harley Davidson Touring models between 1999 and 2013, the Hogtunes music controller is a device that efficiently incorporates Bluetooth capability to your bagger motorcycles. This is achieved through the factory radio auxiliary input. This controller works by causing a replacement in the ambient air temperature gauge, thus making it simple and hassle-free to plug and play.

Apart from that, this Bluetooth music controller has featured an additional input for GPS, satellite radio, and a host of other sources. In addition, it features an H-D accessory chrome ring coupled with the Hogtunes backlighting, which fits perfectly and provides easy visibility specifically during night time. The music controller by Hogtunes perfectly works with any radio that has the 1/8 inch input and also boasts of the ability to pair with up to nine different wireless devices simultaneously. Indeed, this tops the list of the best audio upgrades for your bagger motorcycles.

Direct Replacement Saddlebag Speaker Lids

Designed to perfectly fit with the select 14-18 models of the Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles, these saddlebags speaker lids are accurately installed at the point where the factory lids originate. These direct placement significantly helps to propel the signal of sounds forward to both the rider and the passenger.

The installation pattern requires that the one-touch latch hardware that comes from the factory lids is transferred over. These saddlebags speakers are manufactured with high-quality ABS plastic. In addition, they also come with complete speaker housing, rubber seals, mesh metal grilles, and lid tethers. More so, these speakers can wire up a pair of 6×9 inch which provides room for a better, improved, and excellent sound quality. Absolutely, the Saddlebags speaker lids also feature on the list as one of the most incredible audio upgrades for your bagger motorcycles.

J & M Audio Universal Amplifier Kit

This two channeled amplifier of 350 watts from J&M is perfectly designed to fit the Harley Davidson Touring models of 1998-2013. Incredibly, the full range D-class amplifier perfectly delivers up to 175 watts per channel and could be mounted through the specialized Velcro strips.

These audio amplifiers come with a custom plug and play wirings, as well as mounting hardware, which makes it incredible. If you could risk a small investment in purchasing these amplifiers, no doubt, you’ll get your bagger bike blasting away from the competitions.

XMT-Moto 6×9-Inch Motorcycle Speakers

With XMT-Moto’s 6×9-inch speakers, you can incredibly wire up your better sound quality in your bagger bikes. Constructed and designed to match the touring models of Harley Davidson FLHT, FLHR, and FLTR, the drop-in replacement speakers will definitely boost the audio enhancement of your bagger motorcycles.

Interestingly, the oversized magnets incorporated in the XMT-Moto’s speakers will go a long way in helping you create solid bass notes as well as a fiberglass cone, which gives room for a cleaner, crisper highs, and mids. Incredibly, you’ll enjoy your favorite tunes in the new life.

There you have it! Perhaps a few of the incredible audio upgrades for your bagger motorcycles.