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Rodolfo Schellin

A date has been announced for the total unveiling of the following-era Nissan Z generation edition. The new version of the brand’s flagship design, which carries the excess weight of so considerably of the Japanese automaker’s rich background, will be introduced officially on August 17.

Placing a date on a presentation will come as a welcome bit of certainty, mainly because due to the fact the unveiling of the Z Proto idea very last September, rumours had been flying in all directions relating to the design.

We in fact now know a good deal about the Z, but not the most very important things. It’s now verified the design is finding a twin-turbocharged V6 as effectively as a manual transmission somewhere in the offering. But we even now have not been told what sort of output that powertrain will supply. The four hundred-hp determine has now been thrown about, and there was initial speculation of a 400Z designation.

We have also been clued in on the following Z’s standard styling, mainly because the generation model’s design will hew incredibly carefully to that of the idea we have now met.

But what will the chassis be like, and what sort of handling will it have on the highway? And how considerably will it price tag?

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Nissan Z Proto
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