May 23, 2024

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Tips Paint Nice and Good

Perhaps you have been saturated with the color of your car right now, and you want to change or replace with new colors, lot of ways in which the owner of the shop to carry out the process of painting the car, of course, as the vehicle we want good results to paint a good car so that your car after in the paint can be pride, Next on  there are a few tips for you if you want to paint a car there that seemingly nice, paint a nice car can be done as follows. In place you will find a place for these professionals, namely in collision repair Chandler AZ

Tips on How New, this time, is a tip for vehicle owners stay was also the car that way Car Paint True. The most out of car painting are the completion of the stage – the stage of painting is done correctly, while outline painting process undertaken by the workshop body repair are as follows:

Cleaning substrate is a cleansing process of the panel or plate or plastic to be processed.

Sanding is to make the surface of the substrate be ready to be given further applications with the aim of providing adhesion or adhesion of the maximum.

The primary application that aims to provide a binder layer between the substrate and product next stage.

Application putty that aims to fill the pores are large and leveling the surface to be painted.

Standing on the stages 3 and 4 to be ready to apply the next stage.

Application primer surfacer / primer filler which aims to coat the surface of the putty and ready for painting stages.

Color application, to obtain the desired color.

Applications lacquer / clear coat aims to get a layer of shiny / shiny and final protection.

Sanding or compounding which aims to remove dust / dirt / orange peel on the surface varnish.

Finishing or waxing after application No. 9 above in order to obtain a layer of silicon on the surface of wax or varnish so that the results obtained artificial Wetlook.

Hopefully, this article can help you make the process of painting in the workshop in-house process  paint nice cars can be done at home and in the workshop, hopefully, paint a nice car can succeed and note also the election of the type of car paint is nice that your vehicle after in the paint step nice ,

Working Process Workshop Body Repair

Currently, there are two options to repair the car, which is “BODY REPAIR WORKSHOP” and “word-MAGIC WORKSHOP / FINE”. Each workshop has different repair methods, such as word-magic workshop using the “word of Smooth” and body repair workshop using the “word-Las” in the body or chassis repair damaged cars. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, but in principle, both methods are the same aims of improving body – chassis that can be reconditioned as before.

In every process of repair of body and chassis, the final result depends on the experience / expertise of workers and repair methods was applied. Not all workshops can apply the method of word las and word-smooth at the same time because there is a lack of expertise of word subtle today. In general, the workshop implements only one method that is a word of welding to make repairs on the body and chassis.

Example Work Stations body Repair:

Vehicle body dented and plate body does not expand / folded, then the method of word fine is appropriate to fix the body without damaging the surface of the plate / painting. Conversely, if the condition of the plate body expands / folded then to repair the vehicle body are required methods  and then trimmed with a subtle method of a word.

In dealing with car repair collision, many things that need to be observed in the improvement process in order to obtain maximum results. Lack of knowledge and experience in repairing car collisions often lead to improved yields less than the maximum, such as:

  1. Chassis & body is not precise (oblique).

  1. Leg-2 and the front wheel and rear asymmetrical.

  1. Stir cars always run left-right and the vehicle speed can not be stable (can not spooling).

  1. Distance body right-left and front-rear with the ground is not the same.

  1. Pendempulan body thicker in the body are damaged (limitations on the ability of a word-subtle)

Therefore before choosing a garage body repair for your vehicle a good look Joinery body repair is actually right or not in do it on your vehicle.