April 19, 2024

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Touring Arese RH95 Is Italian Coachbuilding At Its Finest

Ingress and egress are stated to be aided by the scissor-hinged doorways. When seated, a “cocoon” principle generates the feeling of specific cockpits for every occupant. High-class cabin products have been utilized and cockpit hues like caramel and cocoa are offered.

“The Arese RH95 is one more milestone in the heritage of Touring, 95 years right after its basis,” stated Salvatore Stranci, General Supervisor of Touring Superleggera. “When once again, we reveal our potential to innovate, a observe renewed via the adoption of slicing-edge products and development procedures that are uncommon for us.”

Pricing for the RH95 is only on request and, the moment the donor car is acquired, the company will supply the completed RH95 in 6 months.