Transportation of Dangerous Cargo

In our previous article we’ve discussed cargo types. Let’s remember them and enumerate briefly what

In our previous article we’ve discussed cargo types. Let’s remember them and enumerate briefly what they contain.

Cargo types:

– Standard cargo: industrial equipment, computer equipment, home appliances and office machines, clothing, footwear and so on. Competition in the market of standard cargo transportation is keen. Miracle movers, Toronto movers are one the leading movers and transportation carriers in Canada, more especially in Toronto and Mississauga.

– Non-standard cargo is cargo, which exceeds dimensions or requirements provided by the law. Company miracle movers, Mississauga movers cooperates with the best companies, which have all necessary for transportation of non-standard cargo.

– Joint cargo supposes shipment of small parcel of client’s cargo together with cargos which belong to other owners. Company miracle movers, Toronto movers renders qualitative services in the field of joint cargo transportation. Joint cargo allows clients to save their money in case of small parcels of goods.

– Container cargo – cargo shipped in containers.

– And finally dangerous cargo, which will be discussed further. Miracle movers, Mississauga movers have all you need for transportation of dangerous cargo.

Let’s talk about dangerous cargo more detailed. According to existing classification there are 9 classes of dangerous cargos. Each class needs special approach.

1. First class comprises explosive materials, which due to their characteristics may lead to fire with explosive action, as well as devices containing explosive substances and blasting agents. These cargos should be handled very carefully. Professionals from miracle movers, Toronto movers will advise you regarding safety conditions and organize transportation of the aforesaid cargos.

2. Second class comprises pressurized gases, liquefied gases obtained by refrigeration and solution gases obtained under pressure. For transportation of this cargo you’ll need special equipment and tankers. Miracle movers, Mississauga movers will help with transportation of gases.

3. Third class comprises flammable liquids and their mixes, as well as liquids comprising solid substances in solutions or suspensions, which fume flammable vapors with closed flash point 61C and lower.

4. Fourth class comprises flammable substances and materials which may easily flame from the ignition sources during transportation, as a result of friction, moisture absorption, spontaneous chemical conversion, as well as on heating. That’s why it is important to pack these cargos correctly and maintain recommended temperature. Miracle movers, Toronto movers have logistics department which deals with organization of such cargos transportation.

5. Fifth class comprises oxidants and organic peroxides, which may easily disengage oxygen, sustain combustion, and in certain conditions or being mixed with other substances may lead to auto-ignition or explosion.

6. Sixth class comprises noxious and contagious substances, which may cause death, intoxication or diseases, when they come into the organism or contact derma or mucosa. In this case, except equipment you’ll need special clothing. Miracle movers, Mississauga movers will care about this.

7. Seventh class comprises radioactive materials having volume activity more than 70 kJ/kg.

8. Eighth class comprises caustic and corrosive substances, which may lead to skin damage, eyes and airways mucosa affection, metal corrosion and vehicle, buildings and cargo damage, or when these substances interact with organic materials or other chemical substances they may lead to fire.

9. Ninth class comprises substances which are not so dangerous during transportation, and which refer to none of the aforesaid classes, but which require certain conditions during transportation and storage.

That is why if you need to transport dangerous cargos I advise you to contact miracle movers, Toronto movers.