June 13, 2024

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Turbotec Drive Sprocket Pulley Set up for Victory Motorcycles

The Victory bikes with the 5-velocity transmission has gearing that is a minimal limited. Initially equipment is pretty much not usable and substantial equipment is not substantial adequate. This two tooth larger pulley tends to make your bicycle more consumer friendly.

The Victory 32 Tooth Overdrive Pulley. Fits All 03-05 Victor motorcycles and 99-01 Victory’s with Upgraded Transmission. This pulley will minimize RPM by 7% and uses All Manufacturing unit Sections. I determined to install this pulley on my 2004 Victory Kingpin and generate up step-by-action installation directions together with pics of the set up. Below are my doing the job notes for undertaking the installation.

I was executing other servicing and decided to place the bike on a jack.
You do not will need to get rid of the wheel. In actuality you want to depart it on to enable in the elimination of the sprocket.
I eliminated the slip-on element of the exhaust initial to lighten the exhaust.
Take out the belt guard.
Take away the suitable-facet push flooring board so you can pull the exhaust off.

Prior to eradicating the exhaust.
Observe the condition of the exhaust flange nuts.
The exhaust flange bolts may well be rusted. Spray with WD-40 and permit stand overnight to loosen them up.
Immediately after you get these flange nuts off, eliminate the exhaust.

In this article is the Kingpin with every little thing removed.
Exhaust, belt deal with, driver correct-aspect floor board.
Not the wheel does not have to be taken out. In simple fact it should really be put in to assistance in the removing of the sprocket.

Taken off exhaust. The slip on canisters are about in this article somewhere.

With the exhaust off, take away the sprocket pulley include.

With the Sprocket cover off you now see the Sprocket.
Right here I have the belt loose. You want it cosy and the wheel on given that this will be used as your resistance when eliminating the sprocket nut.

Another shot of the proper facet of the Kingpin absolutely stripped.

Take away the sprocket lock plate screws and lock plate.

Take out the sprocket lock plate.

The sprocket nut takes a 48mm socket.
The nut has been Loctited at the factory.
You can use possibly an Effects Wrench to take away. Heat it up to loosen the Loctite.
In this article I am employing my heat gun. It took about 10-15 minutes to where by I could merely maintain the rear brake pedal and remove the nut.
Enable the sprocket interesting down.
It will slide right off.
Following, thoroughly clean off any still left above Loctite gunk off of the sprocket rod threads.

Following eliminating the nut you will have to loosen the belt to take out,and install the new pully.
The sprocket will slide proper off just after you loosen the belt.

Right here is the lonely travel shaft in hold out of it really is new generate sprocket.
Keep tuned for a lot more since this is all the additional I have gotten. I need to now purchase the new sprocket.

Bicycle should be all the way tore down on the appropriate side, Baggage, Passenger Ground Board,Driver Ground Board and Controls,Aspect Cover for the Pulley,Belt Handles(leading & bottom) and Belt removed. The even worse portion of the career was the Exhaust Method, be mindful with them. This is a image of the bike all set to get started placing it again collectively. Now clean every thing you have eradicated and clean up the Engine and all parts that are uncovered.

Grind the Tab that holds the Velocity Sensor. Grind about 3/8’s to 1/4″ off the base of the tab but not all the way to the aspect of the engine block.

Preserve seeking the OD Pulley right until it goes all the way on devoid of hitting the Tab. The facet pulley Protect will also will need to be ground down to allow for clearance for the drive belt. It will rub on the bolt sleeves.

Now install the Speed Sensor working with washers of a thickness of about 3/8’s to 1/4″ set them about the screw hole and then set the Speed Sensor on best of the washers, adhere the bolt in and tighten down.

Check out wheel alignment and belt stress. With the bike elevated on a raise rotate the rear wheel until you locate limited location in the belt — halfway concerning the front and rear pulleys. You really should have about 9mm of flex with 10lb of pressure on the bottom. The marks on the swing arm are useless. Right after pressure is established rotate the wheel and verify belt alignment by looking at the belt keep track of on the front and rear pulleys. The drive belt ought to not rub on the sides of the rear sprocket.

At last reinstall the exhaust procedure. Be careful not to scratch the pipes as you maneuver them into placement.

Make sure you not the manufacturer’s of the Victory overdrive pulley do not involve installation guidance with their item. With any luck , these guidance will support you through the installation. I have uncovered pretty superior assist from the Kingpin Cruisers internet site at http://www.KingpinCruisers.internet web page. This put in calls for some great wrenching abilities, but if a company tech can do it, you will surely be equipped to do it and do a considerably much better job.