Volvo will sell gas-powered XC90 alongside electric XC90 | Car News

Volvo is planning an all-electrical model of its flagship SUV, the XC90. It would be sensible way too assume the plan is for the EV to substitute the latest combustion-engine XC90 in the lineup. Eventually that will be the scenario, but it won’t be instant. Volvo will proceed to market place the two variations facet-by-side for a handful of a long time.

The news was verified by Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson, as described by Automotive News. The executive mentioned there were a number of good reasons for the determination to preserve the present model when the electric powered version arrives out. Chief amongst them is the level of popularity of hybrid types in both China and the United States. The existing XC90, it need to be remembered, is partly electrified.

The upcoming all-electrical XC90, initially offered in 2021 in the type of the Recharge notion, will be developed at Volvo’s plant in South Carolina. Given that the gas-engine model is assembled in Sweden, there will be no scheduling conflicts for manufacturing, generating a cohabitation doable if Volvo desires to go that route.

What is more, Volvo has just declared it is investing in the Swedish plant in Torslanda in anticipation of the brand’s upcoming technology of electric vehicles. That will take time, of study course, and remember that Volvo’s system calls for a switch to an all-electric lineup by 2030, so eight many years from now.

In other words and phrases, Volvo will keep on to present the gasoline-only or hybrid XC90 as lengthy as it sells effectively., 100% on-line, shop for your up coming car, get on-line and get it sent to you wherever in Quebec!

Volvo Concept Recharge

And sell perfectly it carries on to do. Very last 12 months in the U.S., Volvo sold 38,657 models of the CX90, which was a 13 percent increase about the initially pandemic calendar year, 2020. It was 2nd in product sales only to the XC60, which Volvo moved 41,582 models of in the U.S.

Right here in Canada, income of the XC90 also rebounded in 2021 to 2,855 units compared to 2,389 in 2020. And like in the U.S., it is outpaced only by the XC60, which sold for 3,398 models in Canada in 2021.

CEO Samuelsson also described that an aesthetic update is planned for the XC90. Volvo could possibly also determine at some level to fall some motor configurations and retain only the plug-in hybrid along with the EV until that 2030 deadline rolls close to.