Winter Car Storage: Get Your Car Ready

As the winter begins to set in it along with a fall in temperature many

As the winter begins to set in it along with a fall in temperature many car owners in cold countries tend to store away their cars for the winter. It is very important to see that the cars are stored away carefully as even a small mistake can cause tremendous damage to the cars. There are a number of points on which car owners should pay attention before putting away their cars for winter car storage.

  1. Just before putting away your car for winter car storage, you should make sure that the oil in the car has been changed. Oil tends to become acidic with time so if any amount of oil is left in the engine of the car it may get damaged. Another reason for which the oil needs to be removed is due to the absorption of moisture that is done by oil. If the car is stored away along with oil in the engine the moisture in the oil will soon evaporate and cause corrosion in the engine. Due to this reasons it is suggested that before putting away a car for winter car storage, the old oil in the car should be changed with new oil and after starting the engine for a few minutes the car can be safely put for storage.
  2. The spark plugs in the car should be loosened and a little bit of oil should be dropped into the spark plug holes. Doing this before winter car storage prevents the corrosion of the rings and they do not get stuck on the cylinder walls during the winter. Failure to remember this could lead to expensive spark plug replacements in the spring. Often when you least expect and cannot afford them.
  3. The pressure of the tires should be increased to prevent the tires from becoming flat and also developing leaks. The tires can also be filled with nitrogen which would help in the prevention of dry rot. Only attempt to fill tires with nitrogen if you have experience with this and are serious about saving your tires. Consider getting a professional to come by and help you with this if the option is available. Also, the car can be raised up to get the tires off of the ground.
  4. Desiccants should be put on the front and back floors of the car preventing the growth of mildews and keeping the leather in the car safe from moisture. A car cover should be put on the car for added protection from moisture. Mildew and mold can lead to sickness when the car is used later and the owner has not noticed the mold. Mildew and mold can be extremely hard on individuals, especially the elderly and children, suffering from asthma.
  5. During winter car storage the car should be washed regularly to prevent tree sap and pollution from affecting the paint in the car. Remember, this only applies to individuals that are keeping their vehicles outdoors and uncovered. Covered vehicles and vehicles indoors are usually safe but an occasional wash won’t hurt them.
  6. The car battery should be removed and put in the interiors where there should be enough ventilation to see that hydrogen does not build up in the battery. Never place the battery near any sleeping areas. If someone is sleeping near the battery for any reason simply remember the battery to a new location.
  7. While keeping the cars for winter car storage it should be seen that the car is put on a vinyl sheet to prevent the moisture that gets collected on the floor of the garage from causing any corrosion on the underside of the car. Good vinyl or even heavy duty tarp can often be found at a local hardware store or online.
  8. The gas tank should be fully filled up with good quality oil, and it should be ensured that there is no blank space in the tank where moisture can get in and cause corrosion. If you have forgotten to fill the gas tank you can always run to the local gas station with a canister, fill it, and fill your gas tank at home.
  9. Care should also be taken to see that the anti-freeze fluid used in the car is suitable for the temperature conditions in the area. Read your car ownership manual for advice and discuss your issues with your local auto mechanic.

Following all the above mentioned tips would help in getting good winter car storage for your car. Even if you keep your car in storage for a long duration during the winter months, you can stay assured of the car performance. If you are not able to properly winterize your car for storage contact a local mobile mechanic. There are many mechanics that now offer door to door services that include all of the things you need to take care of when winterizing your vehicle.