July 14, 2024

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World’s Quickest, Fastest Stick-Shift Supra Drag Car Breaks Own Record

When the Mk4 Toyota Supra nicknamed “Orange Person Poor” broke the six-2nd quarter-mile go final yr, it grew to become the world’s fastest drag car with an H-sample manual transmission. That operate recorded a 6.nine-2nd quarter-mile at 194.seventy seven miles for each hour (313.45 kilometers for each hour). And which is though maintaining its claim as the speediest at a prior operate with 215.37 mph (346.sixty km/h) at the line.

Nicely, we’ve obtained good and undesirable information for you if you’ve got been pursuing this make. Regrettably, someone already broke one of these two data. The good information is, it’s the exact same Toyota Supra that recorded the fastest and speediest operate, introduced to us by the exact same team at Grannas Racing.

That Racing Channel, the exact same folks who featured the Toyota MR2 with one,200 Honda horsepower, featured the record-breaking operate on YouTube. The new record for the quarter-mile operate is 6.84 seconds at 213.seventy seven mph (344.03 km/h), accomplished at the Hail Mary derby in Maryland.

If you’re pondering that this Supra has a V8 engine under its hood, you would be mistaken. It really is really run by a 2JZ, albeit seriously modified. The famed engine is a billet block from Australia, related to a Promod 102mm turbocharger that pushes 75 PSI. And certainly, a minor little bit of nitrous adds potency into the make, building a highest output of two,100 horsepower (one,565 kilowatts) despatched to the rear wheels. It can also rev up to an ear-busting ten,800 rpm.

Joel Grannas, the proprietor of the team at the rear of this record-breaking Supra, clarifies the specifics of the make in the online video earlier mentioned. He also described the inescapable – the team will check out to go further into the six-2nd go, potentially in just the 6.70 mark.

Indeed, we will incorporate that to our record of factors we will be maintaining an eye out for.