May 19, 2024

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Wrecked Corvette C8 To Be Resurrected With Four-Rotor Setup

Remember the Sebring Orange Chevy Corvette that was wrecked just after only 26 several hours of finding sent to its operator in Florida? To give you a refresher, that mid-engine sports car fulfilled its demise by means of a T-bone accident with a Hyundai sedan driven by an alleged drunk driver. We can only consider the emotions that the operator felt possessing only a hair in excess of a working day to enjoy his prized journey.

Properly, as it turns out, that wrecked Corvette C8 will are living to see a different working day but not in the arms of its authentic operator. Rob Dahm, a rotary engine fanatic, resolved to invest in the wrecked car and resurrect it in a really unusual way – by giving it a coronary heart transplant.

For the uninitiated, Dahm is a enormous admirer of rotary engines. 1 of his achievements would be the 4-rotor turbo Mazda RX-7 where he was in a position to squeeze out nearly 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts). He ongoing his aspiration 4-rotor venture but this time, he’s using a prospect in a mid-engine format, albeit, with a wrecked car.

1 matter that baffles us is that why would you resurrect a wrecked mid-engine car, with most of the heavy damages upfront, by changing its perfectly fantastic engine? Properly, we can only believe that that Dahm sees this as an economical engine swap – moreover the value of restoring the aesthetic damages, of course.

Of note, Dahm is established out to convey this Vette “again to inventory,” as he said on the video clip embedded on top of this site. Yeah. Good luck with that.

Then once again, if he can develop the identical 1,000 hp from his 4-rotor set up on this Corvette C8, we never it would be a poor concept at all.