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Buying A Used Rental Car From A Dealership

Rental cars are usually a safe bet when it comes to buying a used car. Yes, you still have to be careful about what you buy but a rental company takes very good care of the cars. They are properly serviced and repaired in a timely manner, inspected regularly and repaired before being offered for sale. Some that rent cars tend to be more careless than driving their own car but there are car owners who are careless driving anyways. Most rental companies keep the cars for a year or two before taking them out of service. The mileage is about 20,000 to 30,000 miles and chances are they probably still have some warranty time left on them.

Some rental companies sell their own cars. Some sell thru an independent dealership. And then there are the car dealers who regularly buy rental cars by the fleet. Buying a rental car from a dealer is like buying any other car from a dealer. If they have a certified used car program, that is toy the consumers benefit. That means the car has been thoroughly inspected and repaired as necessary and usually comes with a warranty, either dealer or manufacturer backed.

Before you buy a previously used rental car, do your homework as you would for buying any car. Look up the bluebook value of the car and compare that to the asking price. Check out the consumer reports to find out if the car you are interested in has had any recalls or reported problems.

Before buying a used car from a dealer, ask if it was a rental. Some dealers have their own fleet of rental cars for customers having their cars serviced or repaired. Some buy a fleet of rentals from rental companies for their own used car inventory. A reputable dealer will tell you if it was a rental or the ad you saw in the paper may note that.

When you go to the dealer to buy a used car, ask to see the maintenance records. Whenever I trade a car in I always leave the receipts for any oil changes, tune ups, repairs, etc., in the glove box. That way the next owner can see how well the car has been maintained. Of course, I don’t really know if that information is sold with the car or gets discarded. I have never bought a used car.

It is a good idea to have an independent third party mechanic give the car a thorough mechanical once over. They will be able to tell you the true condition of the car and make you aware of any mechanical defects it may have or if the car was previously in an accident. Any reputable car dealer will allow you to do that. If they don’t, go elsewhere for a car.

Previously used rental cars seem to have more dings and scratches than normal. If you notice such on a car you are interested in ask if they are going …

Types of Bicycles

Bicycling is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite sports (not to mention it’s popularity outside of the U.S.). If you are new to the sport, welcome. You are about to embark on a challenging, exciting new adventure. Bicycling is a wonderful way to get in shape, travel, save money and have fun. There are some basics you need to learn before you hop on. One of these basics is the different kinds of bikes out there. This article should help you make an informed decision about what type of bicycling is for you.

What you will use your bike for will have the greatest impact on what type you purchase. For those individuals who are looking to bicycle simply as a way of losing weight, a stationary bike may be the best bet. Stationary bikes come in both regular and recumbent (you will sit lower and put less stress on your bike) and are used indoors entirely for weight loss and exercise benefits. You can find these in a variety of prices and styles. If you aren’t sure that a stationary bike is for you, you may want to attend a spinning class at your local gym to find out if you enjoy this type of activity.
Some people will choose to use their bicycles for transportation. If this is the case, there are two types of bikes to look for. The first and most popular is a commuter bike. These bikes are strong and sturdy and often have racks to hold things. They can be found in one speed and geared models. Another bike called a folding bike, allows the rider to fold the bike for easy carrying and storage.

For people who wish to ride with small children or families, there are children’s bikes and tandem bikes. Children’s bikes are smaller in size and come in many styles. You can add training wheels to these for little ones just starting out. As a family, you may want to try out a tandem bike. This allows several people to ride together and helps you keep track of everyone as well as bond as a team.

For the more experienced rider who is looking for a challenge, there are mountain bikes, BMX bikes and Cyclecross bikes. Mountain bikes are lightweight and durable. They are built to handle rough and uneven terrain. This type of bike will allow you to explore trails that would not have been possible on a regular bike. BMX bikes are compact and extremely strong. They are used for tricks and competition. Cyclecross bikes are also suitable for uneven roads but are generally used for racing.

Be sure to figure out what type of cycling you would like to do before shopping for a bicycle (and set a budget). Doing your research beforehand will give you the best chance at a wonderful cycling experience. Speaking with professionals and fellow bikers is another way to ensure that you will purchase the correct bike for your needs, and have …

How to Steal a Car in Seconds

Thieves are becoming quicker, savvier, and more advanced. Vehicles, which are equipped with computer-based security system, keyless entry and ignition systems, can now be stolen in just a few seconds.

How do you steal a car in 15 seconds? Some thieves force the window of the car to have a good opening. The car door is later unlocked and locked. They then pop the hood, disconnect the battery and look for the ignition cable. If still, the method does not work, thieves have ample time to manipulate car alarm. The next thing the car owner knows is that his fancy car is nowhere to be found.

This manner of stealing a car is prevalent in Europe. Thieves further employ decrypting the 40-bit code sequence to unlock the car’s door, disengage security system and – transfer ownership. This is for the reason that the owner of the code becomes the owner of the car.

How do you steal a car in less than 15 seconds? To steal a keyless car, all it takes is the know-how on Basic Encryption 101. In the Johns Hopkins/RSA study, the authors simulated the car’s ignition system using a laptop. They made several scans in less than 1 second without the victim knowing. They use the laptop to try various combinations until the right combinations were yielded. Finally, they gained entrance to the car and started it.

Advanced Anti-theft system is a necessity. Nonetheless, they have to really serve their purpose. These days, OEM and aftermarket immobilizers are now integrated in Chrysler, Hyundai, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Ford accessories. Other cars with this safety feature are Dodge Neon, Lincoln Continental and Town Car, Plymouth Breeze, Toyota Landcruiser and 4Runner, Ford Windstar, Crown Victoria, and Contour, and the Mercury Marquis. Jeep Cherokee accessories and Nissan Pathfinder accessories also integrate sophisticated immobilizer systems.

The immobilizer contains a transponder. The latter also contains unalterable identification code. It works by employing radio frequency and signal powers.

As technology develops, thieves as well, become more and more advanced. Moreover, car owners clamor for cutting-edge ignition keys that no one or nothing can copy. …

The importance of cars

The importance of cars in today’s world is now understood by everyone. Each car owner sometimes goes the extra mile to give his car the maintenance they so desperately require. The thing with cars is that since they play a vital role in our life it is very necessary for us to constantly and regularly maintain our cars and keep them in proper shape so that they can perform to our standards. Certain auto component like drag link assembly and auto electrical parts needs the most amount of servicing. Many a times when components like water get into the car system they get spoilt. For example in the case of drag link assembly its constant interaction with water could make the part rust and in time make it brittle causing it to break and in the case of auto electrical parts like a spark plug its contact with water could make it behave in an unexpected manner.

To give better protection to one’s car, mechanics and garage owners will be glad to step in and help giving you the required information as to how to keep the car safe and well maintained. Also if any additional information is required the internet is always available. The internet as a medium of communication has helped consumers interact with other car owners, pose their queries about the functions of various parts through blogs etc. Car owners can also seek the help of experts who are present online and would guide them to take care of their cars better.…

Personal Injury Los Angeles California

Personal Injury Los Angeles California

If you have suffered from a Personal Injury in Los Angeles California it is important to consult with a Top Attorney right away before your insurance company tries to make you settle on a low dollar amount and sign off on your claim against them.

It is also important to get referred to an Experienced, Aggressive, Results oriented attorney that has a long standing track record of defending and winning settlements against insurance companies. An experienced attorney with a track record of proven litigation results. You should also make sure to ask for a real referral you can call, to see how their case was handled.

Most attorneys Personal Injury Attorneys at the very least will review your case for FREE. And if the attorneys take the case, most times it’s on a contingent basis of winning.

Some personal injury lawsuits are settled for millions of dollars. If your Insurance Company feels you have a good case against them in terms of securing a large settlement, you can bet that they are going to put out all the stops in making sure you DO NOT get a big insurance check.

Personal Injury Los Angeles California – Get an Experienced Litigator

Because of this fact in Los Angeles, it is extremely important to get an experienced personal injury litigator and trial lawyer that will maximum your compensation and minimize your grief.

If you are looking for experienced expert attorneys in Los Angeles California GLOTZER and SWEAT LLP come highly recommended and practice personal injury law in many cities in Southern California.

No matter how careful you are… you could be the victim of a LA Car Accident, Motorcycle Accident, and Bike Accident etc.

Many Personal Injuries in Los Angeles California could have been avoided if it were not for gross negligence of those who inflicted unnecessary injury.

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