Top Five: Moments in modern electric vehicle history

Even though electric vehicles have a history that stretches back again to the 1800s, with European inventors coming up with battery-driven just one-offs, the first recognizably car-like EVs took off close to the transform of the Twentieth Century.

And these would have absent from toughness to toughness experienced Henry Ford’s Product T not produced ICE power reasonably priced and accessible, relegating electric cars, even with favorable interest from the general public for their tranquil operation and zero tailpipe emissions.

Consequently, EVs have only experienced a bit-portion to play in automotive history, with interest buying up in the 1970s, thanks to gasoline crises, and thoroughly receiving likely in the mid-nineties, which is in which our Best Five picks start off:

#1 – GM EV1

When? 1996-2003
How lots of? 1,117

The first foray into the environment of modern-day electric vehicles arrived courtesy of GM. The two-seat, aerodynamic EV1 coupe was

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