1,050-Horsepower Audi RS7 Hits 62 MPH In 2.4 Seconds

Rodolfo Schellin

The inventory Audi RS7 is an extraordinary luxury athletics sedan able of incredible feats of effectiveness. But for some enthusiasts of pace inventory is never plenty of, that may guide homeowners to put in a uncomplicated effectiveness tune or in this scenario, function to double the horsepower output of their cars. So what occurs when you tune an Audi RS7 past one,000 horsepower? Based on this video clip from Auditography, great things, very great things.

Do you hear that? No, it’s not the sounds of a machine gun firing into an artillery bombardment although a thunderstorm pellets your household with hail, that is the audio of the quickest Audi RS7. Many thanks to a absolutely free-flowing MG Motorsport exhaust paired with a PowerDivison downpipe this C8 Audi RS7 sounds incredible, in inventory sort the RS7 ought to stability effectiveness with luxury, but in this scenario, luxury is thrown out the window to like the RS7’s V8 belt out its finest effectiveness.

The 4.-liter twin-turbo V8 identified in this really tuned RS7 has viewed a substantial number of modifications and variations. For starters, the inventory turbos are replaced with larger sized Hybrid Turbos LM990. These turbos feed customized intercoolers from PowerDivision to retain intake temperatures cool for the duration of challenging driving. This finish tuning pack ensures that effectiveness is predictable and reliable.

The ensuing effectiveness is staggering. The Audi RS7 claims a to sixty time of two.forty eight seconds with one hundred-200km/h having only 4.63seconds. Whilst this Audi RS7 doesn’t audio or conduct like a inventory car, it nevertheless retains all of the wonderful technological innovation and comfort and ease options in the inventory RS7. This means the owner can problem Bugatti Chirons to drag races and get pleasure from an sophisticated digital cockpit all although shelling out a portion of the cash. 

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