Audi RS4 Safari Gets A Proper Wash After Off-Road Experience

Try to remember that super interesting to start with-gen Audi RS4 Avant transformed into a substantial-using wagon by a tuning business we talked about last thirty day period? It was showcased on Matt Farah’s new YouTube sequence hosted by Hagerty, and for the duration of the filming, the RS4 Safari received seriously dirty. The car arrived “absolutely disgusting, filthy, and covered in mud from head to toe” at the AMMO studio in New York.

The detailing studio gave the lifted efficiency wagon a really in depth clean to convey it back to its former glory. And in this case, this signifies a matte environmentally friendly exterior color that is been hiding underneath the evenly dispersed mud all all over the entire body. But that is just the to start with stage of washing this dirty wagon.

The car had to be lifted and the operator jet washed the chassis,

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