Audi boss predicts 2020 sales slide; seeks to recapture tech lead

How are points heading now?
July, August and September look really excellent. September was the strongest [product sales] month of the year – around the world. Things are heading particularly very well in China, where we even expect a compact maximize for the whole year. But we are not building up for the large losses from April and May perhaps of this year, despite the fact that our product sales corporation has carried out a definitely excellent work.

When will you be again at pre-disaster amounts?
That will consider a even though for a longer time. Ideal now, there are nevertheless quite a few international locations where consumer reluctance persists. I expect it will be about two several years ahead of the normalization is entire.

You are Audi’s CEO, R&D chief and China manager, the head of R&D at Volkswagen Group, supervisory board chairman at Lamborghini and Ducati, and have

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