2021 Tata Safari review: Same only in name

What is it?

We’ve recognised it as the Tata H7X. We’ve recognised it as the Tata Buzzard. We’ve recognised it as the Tata Gravitas. But the a lot-awaited a few row model of the Harrier is at last established to go on sale as the all-new Tata Safari. Tata Motors executives say this SUV was generally envisioned to convey back the Safari moniker. The little title sport was to hold the mystery from getting out also before long.

Social media commenters have experienced solid thoughts on the applicability of the famous Safari title to a entrance-wheel travel, monocoque SUV but we’ll shut out the sounds and see the SUV for what it is.

What’s it like on the outside?

And what it is straight away identifiable as, at the very least from up entrance, is a by-product of the Tata Harrier. The split headlamp arrangement is shared and the only

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