Day: September 18, 2020

RCMP: Tesla driver was asleep while car was doing over 90 mph

It has been awhile given that we have had a fantastic example of a Tesla driver endangering all those all-around him when under the delusion that his car is magical. But here is a single: The Royal Canadian Mounted Law enforcement say they caught a driver — and we use that phrase loosely — who was asleep when his Tesla traveled down a highway at speeds more than 90 mph.

The incident took place in July but is just now cropping up in Canadian media experiences. It took place north of Calgary, Alberta, around the town of Ponoka. Motorists there noticed a Tesla Model S barreling together at a hundred and forty kph (87 mph). The two front-seat occupants were not seen, as their seats ended up reclined.

When Mounties closed in, the RCMP suggests, they established the occupants ended up seem asleep. As visitors produced way for the lights

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