Day: April 26, 2021

Lordstown Motors and a homemade 4Runner: San Felipe’s tale of two EVs

More than the weekend, the San Felipe 250 off-road race hosted not a person, but two electric race trucks. They represented two pretty diverse backgrounds and tactics, and they came absent with pretty diverse effects. On the a person conclude you experienced Lordstown Motors, a person of various hopeful electric truck producers getting into a manufacturing facility-backed truck made with the assist of big-name off-road racing truck maker Brenthel Industries. On the other you experienced Kyle Seggelin and his home made Toyota 4Runner with an electric motor and a bunch of swappable battery packs. You may well be astonished at who manufactured it farther.

We are going to start off off with the big name of Lordstown, however. Even though the team, like any that entered, experienced each and every intention of ending the race, it ran into problems reasonably early on. The truck manufactured it by the initially forty-mile

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