How to Choose a Good Film Glass For Vehicles

Rodolfo Schellin


Window film for vehicles not only serve as decoration, but also serves to reduce the danger of solar radiation while reducing the danger of glass flew when the accident occurred. To find a good auto glass for vehicles can also see in Auto Car Window Tinting.

A good window film, among others, which have the ability to reflect heat like a mirror and not absorb heat like a sponge.

So how to choose a good window film for vehicles? According to experts, the auto glass specialists, consumers must first determine the levels of darkness of window film aka visible light transmission (amount of light entering or lightness of glass).

“After that, consumers should see spec visible light reflectance or window film’s ability to reflect back the visible light pass through,”.

The most important thing in reading the spec glass good movie is viewed infra red rejection.

“This is an Infra red heat source. We must see, if infra-red rejection is high, then low heat absorption so that in the cabin will be cooler,”.

Another thing that must be done before consumers buy films, direct testing for about a minute.

“The test directly and ask the vehicle is turned on. If it is stable, window film’s ability to resist heat will not go down. But if the quality is bad, the longer in the car will feel more heat,”.

Glass good film, not only gives comfort from the hot sun and security, but also lighten the work of air conditioner (AC).

“So that consumers can also fuel efficient,”. He advocated the darkness windshield 20 percent, while the other 60 percent. You can learn about the types of car glass very well in Automotive Window Tinting.

That was some of the tips in determining auto glass is good for you, may be useful!

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