Toyota Wants To Stop Owners Reselling The New Land Cruiser

Rodolfo Schellin

Clearly, Toyota isn’t going to want a repeat of this pattern with the new Land Cruiser and is carrying out what it can to guarantee that the car or truck isn’t going to close up in the incorrect hands. The pledge unusually isn’t going to indicate the duration of the period through which new prospective buyers will be unable to resell the car or truck. If the purchaser acts in contravention of the ownership pledge, they could be prevented from transacting with Toyota in the long term.

It’s a quite unconventional situation but if Toyota’s aim is to avert the use of its vehicles in any illicit routines, it can be difficult to argue with that. For the average, truthful purchaser who merely desires a good SUV and the flexibility to resell it if the require arises, it does create a tough predicament.

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