Day: February 22, 2020

Mercedes F1 trick DAS system deemed legal by FIA in 2020, not in 2021

System One has a long historical past of novel engineering tricks, all of them in the pursuit of a lot quicker lap occasions and an edge about the level of competition. The F1 YouTube channel even set together a super informative movie not as well long back detailing teams’ innovations of the previous, which is well worth your time if you have not found it currently. 

If you’ve been paying out consideration to pre-time testing this yr, then you’ve absolutely read about Mercedes’ trick steering method, enabling its drivers to change the toe of the front wheels on the fly. Mercedes has named it DAS, an acronym for Dual Axis Steering. A lot of apparent engineering tricks and innovations of the previous get banned proper absent, as teams all-around the paddock complain and moan to FIA officers. In this circumstance, the FIA has deemed Mercedes’ DAS method legal for the

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