Day: April 2, 2020

Red Bull F1 adviser proposed infecting team drivers with coronavirus

Crimson Bull Racing adviser and previous racing driver Helmut Marko pushed for a “Corona Camp” to infect (and as a result inoculate) drivers as the workforce waited out downtime stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. 

Marko planned to acquire all of Crimson Bull Racing’s Components 1 and junior sequence drivers (around 15 staff) collectively to promise call. With the health issues out of the way, he suggested, the workforce would then have been prepared to deal with the remainder of F1’s truncated season without having anxiety of an infection-similar problems. 

How specifically the team would have been uncovered to the virus in the beginning was not thorough in the report.

Marko described the concept to Austrian Tv station ORF as “… a camp in which we could bridge this mentally and physically to some degree dead time. And that would be the excellent time for the an infection to appear,”

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