2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L vs Ford Explorer, Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, Chevrolet Traverse and Lincoln Aviator

The three-row 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L is in this article, getting into an ever-rising

The three-row 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L is in this article, getting into an ever-rising section of big crossovers that Jeep has dismissed considering that the Commander of the late 2000s. Of class, the Dodge Durango is essentially a three-row model of the latest Grand Cherokee with Dodge styling and a drab inside, so it’s not like The Company Entity Formerly Known as Chrysler has been without the need of a contender in the section.

Jeep is a stronger brand than Dodge, on the other hand, and the three-row midsize section is stronger than people with two rows (there is a broad income variation in between the Chevrolet Traverse and Blazer, as well as the Honda Pilot and Passport). In other phrases, the Grand Cherokee L could be a really big deal. It is also, quite actually, a really big deal. As you might be about to see, it is now the major three-row crossover, besting the duration, wheelbase and height of even the gargantuan Traverse.

There is more to the tale than that, on the other hand, so we place jointly the under comparison chart to demonstrate you how the new Grand Cherokee L lines up on paper compared to the most important three-row crossovers. That includes the 2021 Ford Explorer, 2021 Kia Telluride, 2021 Hyundai Palisade and 2022 Chevrolet Traverse. This team also represents some of the strongest entries in the section as well as people we truly feel are most probably to be viewed as along with the big Jeep. To that stop, we also integrated the 2021 Lincoln Aviator in the chart considering that its base price is in fact less than what we foresee the magnificent, selection-topping Grand Cherokee L Overland and Summit trim levels to start. 

Engines and drivetrains

Be aware the distinctions in curb bodyweight in this article. The Grand Cherokee L has the best base curb bodyweight of the team apart from the substantial-lux Aviator, still its 3.six-liter V6 has the minimum amount of electrical power and torque. As a result, it’s going to be shocking if it’s not the slowest in the team. There is of class the Hemi V8 accessible on the best Overland and Summit trim levels, but once again, a hefty curb bodyweight performs from it. At five,330 pounds, the lightest V8-powered JGCL weighs 600 pounds more than V6-electrical power Explorer Platinum and ST types. On the other hand, absolutely nothing can contact the Hemi Jeep’s towing capability, and only the 400-hp Aviator betters the Jeep’s base V6. Its six,200-pound towing capability drastically outdoes the five,000-pound boundaries of not only the Telluride, Palisade and Traverse, but most other people in the section as well.

Then there is the Grand Cherokee’s various four-wheel-travel systems, which we could not probably handle in a spreadsheet. Three systems are accessible. The base model is a one-velocity computerized program called Quadra-Trac I, which is essentially the AWD you’d get with the rivals. Quadra-Trac II is also an computerized program, but it provides a reduced-selection gear established. Quadra-Push II provides an electronically controlled constrained-slip rear differential. All the Grand Cherokee’s four-wheel-travel systems can disconnect the entrance axle quickly when not wanted to strengthen fuel economic system.

Interior house

The Grand Cherokee L is shockingly greater on the outside than this team of vehicles, which had been previously awfully big. Nipping the Traverse is particularly shocking as it’s been the most important crossover for essentially ever, but the eight-inch gap in between JGCL and the Telluride is just about stunning. This is a big car

Even so, it isn’t going to appear that exterior bulk interprets proportionately to the inside as its dimensions are constantly the smallest in the team. Absolutely sure, specs usually never tell the full tale about third-row or cargo house, but the numbers in this article are more indicative of somewhat more compact three-row types like the Honda Pilot and Subaru Ascent. 1 explanation for this could be the greater ground demanded to package Jeep’s burlier four-wheel-travel machines and generous clearances. Its for a longer time duration could also be the result of a for a longer time motor bay demanded to swallow a V8, but we’re just guessing in this article.


No need to really dig too deeply in this article as the specs make it rather crystal clear, but if off-roading is on the table, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L is conveniently the ideal selection. Aside from the various four-wheel-travel systems, its accessible air suspension has the ability to elevate it considerably outside of what the other people can take care of. Even the base suspension has more clearance and a much better strategy angle than them all. Hyundai, Chevy and Lincoln never hassle to supply this sort of figures, and we are not able to think about quite a few entrepreneurs touring too considerably off the overwhelmed route in any of people. 

How their interiors look at

We’ve only observed the swanky, leather-based-lined versions of the new Grand Cherokee inside, and looking at how substantially of a variation there is in between a latest-generation Laredo and Summit, we’re not guaranteed what could possibly be in retail store for the new models’ decreased trim levels. We also have not observed the JGCL in individual, either. All of that claimed, it guaranteed seems to give the other people a really serious operate for their cash in conditions of design and materials quality, most notably the well-received Telluride and Palisade. The variation in between it and the Explorer and Traverse would appear to be rather fantastic, although it also seems like it could possibly maintain its individual with the swank Aviator. Here are you can flip via some inside pictures to see for by yourself.


How they look at in pictures

And lastly, truly feel no cost to peruse these galleries of every single three-row crossover. 

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