5 Common Questions Asked About Hiring a Maid Service

For many people, having a maid often falls under the heading of “One of these

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For many people, having a maid often falls under the heading of “One of these days, when I…whatever”. But, as life continues to get busier-whether it is time spent taking the kids to sports practice in Chesapeake, untold hours sitting in traffic on your way to your Norfolk office, or simply trying to squeeze in a weekend get away to Virginia Beach, you may be reconsidering just how “out of the question” hiring a cleaning service would be.

After all, you are a busy person with many responsibilities. Why should you have to spend your free time with the Swifter Sweeper, Windex, and vacuum? Time is not going to move any slower, the days aren’t going to suddenly have extra minutes, so you want to make the most of the free time you have. Besides, there are many other activities that will bring you and your loved much more pleasure than hours spent cleaning house.

So, with a bend toward spending more time with your family and less time doing household chores, it is time to consider hiring a maid service. Of course, like any new venture you probably have a few questions. Here are some of the most common questions asked of the companies by those seeking a professional cleaning service Toronto :

Can I get a rough estimate on the cost of the job? Most reputable cleaning companies can give you a ballpark figure without seeing your home. You will need to know what your square footage and have an idea of what jobs you would like done. Often times, the company will ask if they can schedule a walk through to give a more accurate quote.

What exactly does your cleaning service entail? This is an important question, but not one with a rote answer. Cleaning services vary from company to company, but will typically include mopping, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, and sweeping. However, many companies will charge more for the first cleaning of your home as they will want to do a deep cleaning so that the home is “easier” to clean on repeat visits.

Who is responsible for providing the cleaning products? Many companies will have their own cleaning agents. If you have preference for one type of a cleaner over another, be sure to mention this ehmaids.ca in the phone interview or walk-through. A large number of today’s professional cleaning services are using environmentally safe products which are great everyone and everything around.

Do I have to be home during the cleaning? In the majority of cases this is not necessary, reputable companies will have drug-free, bonded, licensed and insured workers so you can rest assured your home and valuables are safe.

Will you be on time, how can I know it is your cleaning crew? A reputable company will be there when they promise. In addition, they should have uniforms and a clearly marked vehicle that identifies them as the home cleaning service you have hired.