June 22, 2024

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A Complete Process to Convert your Driving license to Dubai License




Have you decided to shift to Dubai or are you already shifted and living the luxury and dream life of Dubai? If you are new in Dubai, its quite possible that you are unfamiliar with the law and the regulations of UAE like the rules of traffic, buying and selling property, rules to pay a fine, sell any car in Dubai or shift your driving license to the Dubai license.


You will can the guidance through your relatives, friends who are already living there. They may help you find out the process. If not, then we are here with a complete process to shift your driving license to a Dubai license. Read the complete article. 


Documents Required to Convert Your License

Documents are the necessary part of any official work. For example, if you want to sell your car, you need documents and likewise. So, we have listed down the documents required for shifting the driving license. 

  • You need a copy of your residency visa

  • A Passport original and copy

  • An eye test certificate from a recognized optician.

  • Your current driving license original and copy

  • No objection letter from the sponsor

Charges To convert Dubai License

With the required documents you should hold some money with you as you have to pay the fee if you apply for the conversion of your driving license to Dubai license. 

  • You have to pay the 360 AED as the license transfer fee.

  • You will pay 150 AED for the eye test.

Specific Documents for UK License Holders

There is a bit change of documents specifically for the people holding the license of the UK. As the need the papers as under. 

  • Photocopy of passport, UK driving license, and the Emirates ID.

  • The originals of the above-mentioned documents.

The NOC and the passport are photographs are not required now onwards and the total fee for the Uk license change is AED 870. If you have a car you import from the UK and want to sell your car in Dubai, you may have the good options available for that too.

Eligible Countries for Dubai License Conversion

There are limited countries that have this facility that the license holders of those countries can convert their driving license to the Dubai license. The countries are listed below. 



New Zealand

South Africa


















South Korea









Suadi Arabia



Process to Convert Your Driving License to Dubai License

You have to visit a renowned optician for your eye test and once you are then, you will gather the required documents as listed above. If you have a UK license that keep the documents as mentioned separately for the Uk.  

After that, you will have to visit the Dubai Traffic department (any of them) with your driving license, you will fill a form there and submit all the documents there as well along with the form. After that, you will have to pay the fee to the cashier along with the signed documents. The payment will be AED 360. 

So, after completing the payment process, you will submit the documents and the receipt of the fee submitted. Then you will be called for a photograph that will be captured by the department itself. After that, your license will be issued in some moments. 


Some Special Cases

The Canadian license holder has to bring a Canadian consulate for the verification of the license. The translation is required for the licenses issued by countries like Japan, Turkey, S. Korea, Poland, Greece, and Canada. After the conversion of the license, it is easy and profitable to sell any car in Dubai as there is a larger business for second-hand cars.