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Arash Khorsandi’s Law Office is California’s premier injury law firm. Their headquarters are in Los

Arash Khorsandi’s Law Office is California’s premier injury law firm. Their headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. They handle lemon law and personal injury cases of their clients who are victims of slip and falls, dog bites and car accidents. They have a long standing record of achieving huge settlements for their clients. Their practice lies in aggressively protecting and representing the different types of people hurt or injured due to an accident. Their founder Arash Khorsandi is a highly respected and recognized individual in the areas of lemon law and personal injury. His expertise has been recognized by leading magazines including Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine and Beverly Hills weekly. He is the best Los Angeles car accident lawyer.

He is a licensed California state attorney and a qualified Real Estate broker. Apart from his legal skills, Arash possesses the financial and business skills needed to really value a particular injury case. He also has good negotiations skills that are an absolute necessary for a good lawyer. He is on the Board of directors for the LEV foundation. This is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting an active, responsible and balances lifestyle in today’s youth. He is also a member of National Association of personal Injury Lawyers.

When led by such a versatile and skilled person, the company itself has to be promising. They provide the best San Diego Car Accident lawyer in the whole region. This firm is totally different from other such firms due to many reasons. First, it is a contingency firm, i.e. they do not accept any payments until the case is over and their clients receive entire compensation that they are entitled to. This ensures that they work hard for winning every case and promise only the best results. They let their clients speak to the attorney directly thus eliminating the middlemen who charge some money. The attorneys can provide the clients with actual data which is not misleading and give a better perspective to the clients.

They are not ranked 1 in the Car accident attorney Los Angeles for no reason. They are an aggressive firm which is not afraid to fight for what their clients deserve. They have connections to all the top doctors and medical facilities to provide the clients with the necessary medical attention regardless of the medical insurance conditions of the client. They know what it is like to be in an accident and provide the necessary emotional support to their clients while going through the trial.