July 14, 2024

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Are Chrysler’s Stow ‘N Go seats really that great?

Are Chrysler’s Stow ‘N Go seats genuinely these a great issue? Severely, I’m asking. Do proprietors of the Chrysler Pacifica, as perfectly as the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler City & Place ahead of it, really use the innovative features that see the 2nd-row captain’s chairs fold away into the floor?

Frankly, I have normally had my uncertainties. Car reviewers have extensive sung Stow ‘N Go’s praises, amazed with the capability to quickly switch the minivan from folks carrier to function van. You’ll usually examine mentions of needing to transfer sheets of plywood or treadmills or their kids’ complete dorm space. Accomplishing so is devoid of question significantly less difficult when you can quickly make the 2nd-row seats vanish as opposed to offering yourself a hernia lifting the things out and storing them in the garage – if eradicating them is even doable at all.

Besides here is the issue. We car reviewers have borrowed that van for the function of going no matter what it is we required to transfer. Perhaps the van in question is a extensive-expression check vehicle like our aged Pacifica Hybrid, perhaps it is really the a lot more normal weeklong check personal loan. Both way, this is not a normal use circumstance. The van is remaining thought of a lot more for its cargo-carrying qualities than its folks-carrying qualities, and I just never imagine that’s representative of the normal minivan owner.

Further to that position, the Stow ‘N Go seats’ flipping and folding ability could possibly be great for versatility, but it can make for significantly less comfy seats. Though they have certainly improved in the 15-moreover yrs due to the fact they have been launched, the Pacifica’s Stow ‘N Go seats remain thinner and flatter than the normal captain’s chair. 1 can deduce that even Chrysler is mindful of this as a draw back. You see, the Pacifica Hybrid does not have Stow ‘N Go seats due to the fact the huge underfloor gap they stow and go into is total of batteries. Alternatively, it has 2nd-row captain’s chairs  that never seem to be to be discernibly distinctive from those people up entrance – they are significantly a lot more comfy. You can see the big difference in the images earlier mentioned, with the gas-only Pacifica in purple and the Hybrid in blue.

I’m therefore still left with the question: Would you somewhat have a significantly a lot more comfy seat, or an improved capability to have some plywood?

Looking at the 2nd-row models of rival vans, it would seem to be that market place investigate for Honda, Toyota and Kia is just not skewing in the route of plywood. Significantly like the rest of the automotive marketplace, the minivan section is rife for copy-catting. From driver-aspect sliding doorways to in-car vacuums, distinctive characteristics never remain distinctive for very extensive. To wit, when every single single minivan effectively copied the 2nd-technology Honda Odyssey’s fold-away 3rd-row seat, no other car enterprise has found plenty of value in Stow ‘N Go to rip it off. Alternatively, Honda has its 2nd-row Magic Seat, when Kia and Toyota see value in significantly-sliding 2nd-row seats. All are a agony in the butt to haul out of the van, if they can be removed at all.

In other words and phrases, I see a ton of proof that details towards Stow ‘N Go not remaining these a great element. They’re even now an outstanding feat of engineering and interior packaging, and there are without doubt proprietors who routinely use their distinctive features. I’m not asking, “Does any individual use these things?” Somewhat, do plenty of proprietors use that distinctive features to warrant the tradeoff in ease and comfort, and would a different design and style benefit a lot more folks?