BMW M3 With Ferrari V8 And Manual Gearbox Is A Unique Enthusiast Car

Rodolfo Schellin

Even though there are some distinctive task cars that get a deserved fifteen minutes of fame, originality looks to be having more and more uncommon in the aftermarket automotive scene. Just about every when in a even though we see breakout performances like Rob Dahm’s all-wheel-travel 4-rotor Mazda RX-7. Even so, a new contender has risen, as Ciro De Siena of was requested to travel a BMW M3 equipped with a Ferrari motor and manual gearbox. 

Right before we start off a war in the feedback section, we know this isn’t necessarily an field-initially instance of tossing a Ferrari motor into one more car. Eager audience will most likely cite System Drift star Ryan Tuerck’s GT4586 task car where he equipped the motor from a 458 into his Toyota GT86 chassis. Regardless, the BMW showcased previously mentioned endured a considerably additional grassroots origin tale.

The M3’s V8 went bang, and the proprietor was faced with a pretty complicated determination. Fairly than dishing out cash to the German automaker for a alternative motor, he determined to make a statement and opted for a Ferrari transplant. Together with the motor, they welded the convertible roof shut, equipped a body kit from Japan, and borrowed a bit of paint from Porsche. Together with prancing horsepower beneath the hood, the car gets a manual gearbox. 

Between the numerous modifications expected to coax the Italian powerplant into the Bimmer, one particular of the major jobs was redesigning the exhaust manifold to match all around the factory steering column. The owners also gave the motor a cross-plane crank, relatively than the unique flat-plane. Purists could possibly have a tiff about the sound transform, but we’d wager that it simply just provides drama to the already interesting automobile. 

As significantly as we know, this is the only M3 with a Ferrari motor beneath the hood, but we’d enjoy to see what else is out there.

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