July 14, 2024

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BMW X5 With 700-HP Le Mans Engine Is One Rare Beast

Exterior modifications involved the carbon fiber hood with a big air extractor to hold that V12 buzzing. It also has wider entrance and rear bumpers, massaged wheel arches and sills, new wing mirrors and those racing wheels.

Inside, the X5 LM features a Recaro racing seat and roll cage for the driver. The rear seats ended up taken off and gauges from the E39 M5 ended up put in. Some of the aged German stickers ended up nonetheless connected, reading through “constantly wear a helmet” and “no airbags put in.”

The fellas from BMW Team Common get a hand-composed observe on how to start out the beast, and at about four minutes in the clip, they just take it outdoors to do just that. As you can envision, it seems like a race car. Unfortunately they do not just take it for a spin. That helps make sense, taking into consideration you could possibly see five McLaren F1s in your lifetime, and possibly zero X5 LMs.