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Lancia 037 prototype number one up for auction

A legend in rallying, the Lancia 037 marked the finish of an era. It was simultaneously the initial car to win the famous Team B constructors’ championship, but also the previous non-AWD car to win an all round WRC title. And, it did so by defeating the juggernaut of Audi’s VW-backed, all-wheel-drive Quattro, a feat number of thought achievable. Now, the originator of that historic victory, the initial Lancia 037 prototype, is up for auction.

Chassis 037-001 could not look like the two hundred or so homologated 037 Stradales, but beneath the cobbled-together styling, uncomfortable panel gaps, and kit car-like command panel, it has the basics that created its successors environment champions. Ability arrives by using a mid-mounted, supercharged 16-valve 2.-liter four driving the serious wheels as a result of a 5-velocity transmission. Dependent (very) loosely on a Lancia Montecarlo (AKA Scorpion in the U.S.), the the front and rear

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