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Hyundai remakes old Pony into an EV | Car News

It was, certainly, a venture Hyundai’s layout office was happy to be supplied. Led by Hak Soo Ha, the firm’s head of interior layout, Hyundai designers set about stripping down a first-technology Pony and then building it back again up with an electric powertrain, modern headlights and rear lights and a comprehensively modern interior surroundings.

The consequence of the a single-off venture, the Hyundai Pony Heritage EV, was shared with out substantially fanfare on Instagram, accompanied by a press launch to celebrate Hyundai’s new purchaser centre situated in Busan, South Korea. The car also features fender-mounted side mirrors and retro still futuristic Nixie tube devices that embody the final in 1970s-era styling.

What is actually most appealing is that an real vintage model was used rather than creating a system merely motivated by the previous.

Hyundai Pony Heritage EV, three-quarters rear

The Hyundai Pony Heritage EV is not only a

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