FIA Creates A New Electric GT Racing Series With 700 kW Charging

The FIA, the governing entire body of global motorsports, has declared a new electric car racing category. The race cars will be based on the GT3 category and the FIA claims these approaching electric powered race cars “will exceed their combustion engine-powered counterparts in parts these kinds of as acceleration and qualifying rate.” 

The FIA needs automotive suppliers and EV experts that haven’t formerly competed to be part of the opposition. 

The least body weight for these race cars will be among 1,490-1,530 kg (three,285-three,373 lbs), which is marginally additional than a regular GT3 race car. In accordance to the FIA, “Setting the body weight threshold greater than it is for the GT3 course will restrict the use of costly resources.” 

The greatest ability output allowed is 430 kW (577 hp). This permits for a -sixty two mph time of just two.four seconds. The laws established an 87-kWh battery pack dimensions restrict. Race cars will be allowed to have two or four electric powered motors and generate configurations can be two- or four-wheel generate. 

The FIA states that the approaching race automobiles

“will also function dynamic vehicle regulate that will immediately adjust the torque of every single wheel independently based on velocity, acceleration, traction and steering angle, consequently making sure that the cars will have supreme dealing with attributes.”

FIA Electric GT

Considering the fact that this sort of racing entails stamina races, the FIA will deploy ultra-rapid charging for mid-race pit stops. In accordance to the FIA,

“The cells were developed to allow for 700kW peak regen and 700kW speedy recharging that will allow them to replenish to sixty{7e488363c11ee5ef50445c8c4fa770b6e6e4f99e57faea264a05ac52abb3ffe0} of their capability within just a couple of minutes all through a mid-race pit halt.”

The FIA also states that

“the charging network will be made to satisfy the speedy charging demands and, dependent on the venue, will incorporate features of long-lasting and short term infrastructure.”

The competing groups will be allowed to decide on and develop their individual exceptional battery layout (compared with System E), which will be equipped by Saft, a subsidiary of the Whole oil enterprise. The battery packs will be based on lithium-ion pouch cells. 

The FIA press release also mentions the organization’s sustainability eyesight:

“The introduction of this new thought is in line with the FIA’s lengthy-time period eyesight for the implementation of sustainable vitality resources throughout its portfolio of motorsport disciplines, consequently setting an instance in the approach to the reduction of CO₂ emission, when at the same time reflecting the most current developments in the automotive business and responding to the calls for of the industry.”