How to Reset Windows Admin Password on XP

Passwords – those ubiquitous alphanumeric codes that secure us and provide us access to everything digital- can be complicated. Though your computer most likely will not forget a password, you effectively might. When this occurs, you can be locked out of your whole system, as in the case of the Windows XP administrator password.

We often take a Windows password recuperation tool to reset Windows password on XP when we lost the login password as it is advised as the most appropriate and offered way to bypass or eliminate the password. However, most of them are chargeful and cost us some pennies on this concern. Today, we are going to learn methods to reset xp password without a cent.

Approach 1: Take a Windows password reset disk

Windows XP allows us to create a password reset disk prior to we lost the password. It is considered the simplest method to reset Windows password when you are forbiddened to access your laptop with safeguarded password. However, many of us have not enough consciousness on creating a Windows password reset disk before they lost the password. Just follow the way to utilize the password reset disk to reset Windows password on XP.Best laptop under $600

  1. Type a wrong password on the Windows logon screen.

  2. Click OK when Windows shows a message that the password is incorrect and Reset password link will appear.

  3. Click Reset password to appear Password Reset Wizard screen, and after that click Next.

  4. Follow the steps in the Password Reset Wizard to produce a brand-new password.


Note: This option takes effect offered you have created a Windows password reset disk for your Windows account ahead of time if you wish to reset Windows password.

Technique 2: Reset XP Password with Typingcmd

Step 1: Press start and run then type cmd in the box and enter. You will see C: \ files and settings \ administrator >; or C: \ documents and settings \ owner >; or C: \ documents and settings \ YouNameIT

Step 2: Now type “net user.” This will reveal you the accounts in the computer like above if you are logged in to administrator it will show up as C: \ files and settings \ administrator >.

Keep in mind: If you are logged in as owner it will appear as C: \ files and settings \ owner >; or any name else just like above.

Step 3: If you wish to change the password on that account simply key in net user administrator in order to type that star which is likewise called asterix you have to push shift and 8 after you type in the command above.

After that, it will ask you to enter a password simply key in anything it will overwrite the one that existed now confirm the password you jotted down.

With these techniques, you can quickly fix your Windows password healing problem on Windows XP even with no cent cost.