Monkey Light turns your bicycle wheels into illuminating art

Transcript: Amr: Hey Autobloggers! Amr right here. I’m genuinely thrilled to present you this product


Amr: Hey Autobloggers! Amr right here. I’m genuinely thrilled to present you this product that we obtained in right now. A corporation out in Berkeley, CA, MonkeyLectric, will make these illuminating LED light attachments for your bicycle. The concept driving this is to enable riders turn into far more noticeable to cars for the duration of night time bicycle rides but also flip heads and search fly although biking about town. And guess what, they despatched us two! Yeah! They despatched us the A15 Automatic which is the starter model and we have the M232R to test out. They also have a Pro model but we do not have that just one to present you right now.

The change concerning the Pro model and these two is that the Pro model can play GIFs, videos, and your possess custom made artwork, which is in fact pretty awesome, but the problem is that it’s priced at $995 for the Pro model. The A15 Automatic is now priced at $39.99 and the M232R arrives in at $sixty five.79. Each are offered on Amazon appropriate now. Check the description under. It’s crazy the price change concerning these two and the Pro model at $995.

So let’s examine out these two serious swift. The A15 Automatic has an computerized on and off, a pace sense, it’s USB rechargeable, forty lumens, four LED, complete shade, 360-diploma check out, and it’s also water-proof. Let us examine the back again serious swift. It in fact arrives with 23 optional develop-in lights. Which is in fact genuinely awesome that they are presenting that – and it fits wheels 16-inches and greater. On fourteen lumen it has seventeen hrs of battery daily life so I’m guessing, yep, six hrs for forty lumens for certain, which is not lousy for trip time.

Erik: I do not how several individuals consider six-hour very long bicycle rides every single working day. 

Amr: And now let’s examine on the M232R. Now this just one is in fact just one notch bellow the Pro which is pretty interesting. It has a USB rechargeable, 200 lumens, 32 LED, water-proof, and arrives with forty two themes that you can pick from. It is really a crazy amount of money of themes in there and they are all vibrant all distinctive. You have skull and bones, you have hearts, a dead fish, you obtained lights, you obtained flowers, and you also have space invaders in there which is in fact genuinely interesting, genuinely awesome. It fits twenty-inch wheels and greater but the issue about this is that you have to go ten mph for sample visibility to look. And of class it’s manufactured for all-climate use. 

MonkeyLectric want to see far more of these on the street, so examine the description to see how you can get just one of these two. Let us open up up these two packages and see what we have within. Let us begin out with the A15 1st. You obtained the recommendations on how to hook it up on your wheel, you have zip ties such as a USB charger, some stickers with the space invaders, that is in fact awesome. Here is the A15 model genuinely, genuinely small. The 1st issue we see when we open up the packaging is a circuit board encased in plastic and the plastic feels genuinely sleek, genuinely gentle, and you obtained a black and purple button, and these two white items appropriate right here in the front. Also on the back again are the LED lights, and this appropriate right here, I imagine, is the charging device. Alright, this is awesome. You’re capable to get rid of the charging device. So that is the A15! Hunting ahead to hooking this up. And now let’s search at the M232R.

It in fact shows you appropriate right here all the distinctive themes that the M232R has and the distinctive button patterns that you can do for the shade, reset, power, and also the variety from all the themes. You obtained an elephant, you obtained a ladybug, you obtained hearth and flames, you have hearts, and the record goes on and on and on. I love the distinctive variations while that is genuinely awesome. Just like the A15, it seems to be precisely like the exact charging device in the exact placement as well.

Here is the M232R encased in plastic as well. Whoa… it seems to be intricate. You can see the circuit board and anything that is within of it. And what’s genuinely exceptional way too is about the circuit board by itself you can see multiple notches right here and right here. All those are created to in fact put it on your bicycle wheel. That is genuinely interesting and I’m seeking ahead to hooking this up to my bicycle. And there are directions on how to hook this up to your bicycle wheel, of class, you have the zip ties and a USB charger, and two safety fasteners as well.

Here are our packages, let’s hook up the M232R and A15 to the bicycle that I acquired for $twenty. Ideally, it can keep me and ideally it does not break when I test it out on the street, so let’s do this issue. Alright fellas here’s the bicycle, $twenty, there are cobwebs all over it, rust, some unusual yellow things but you know what for $twenty it’s purposeful. We’re gonna hook the back again wheel with M232R and the front wheel we’re gonna hook it up with the A15 Automatic so devoid of more ado let’s just get to the back again wheel and get it accomplished. 

The interesting issue about this is in fact it appeared genuinely easy to set collectively. MonkeyLectric kinda manufactured it so easy for consumers to just hook it up on there, zip-tie it on, and just go. We’re gonna allow the batteries cost since they are empty appropriate now. We’re gonna search at the recommendations and examine out the YouTube tutorial and then come back again and put in it. So I checked out the tutorial and I’m all set to hook the M232R to the back again wheel. It seems to be straightforward enough and I’m all set to do it appropriate now. Make certain it’s within, consider this plastic piece appropriate right here and set it concerning the steel piece and the notches. Then you slide the zip-tie in and lock it. Now you’ve obtained to hook up the charging device. They want you to put two zip-ties in the holes and make certain that the power cable is the closest to the M232R. Wrap about the wire and join it to the charging device. 

Alright now that we connected the M232R to the back again wheel, we’re gonna attach the A15 Automatic to the front wheel so let’s do it appropriate now. Here would be the most effective spot. Similar issue as ahead of, you’ve obtained the plastic piece. Discover the notches and insert the zip-tie. Just like ahead of, zip-tie in and hook it onto the center of the wheel. One particular is in, let’s go to the other just one, two in. And make certain that the wire is pointed to the LED and when you’re set, pull the zip-ties and loop the wires about. Alright, anyone, it’s hooked up, it’s thoroughly charged, it’s all set to go. All the things is run on we’re going to shut off the lights and see them in motion.

Erik: That seems to be, like, a million instances superior than I expected. 

Eddie: Yeah.

Erik: Like, a million instances… oh my god the skulls.

Amr: Which themes do you fellas want? 

Eddie: What are our possibilities?

Amr: Oh my god, you have forty two.

Erik: I like the spiders and flowers.

Amr: So, it’s 18… indeed that is the just one. This is the spider just one, now we can see it. That is interesting. Monkey Lights seems to be remarkable in the darkish and we can’t wait to test it out at night time.

Time for closing feelings… It’s a interesting product that does what it’s meant to do: improves your visibility when driving at night time. The multi-shade and multi-graphics are eye-catching and pretty interesting. I guess a couple matters that I didn’t like, had been the zip ties. I would have cherished it if there was a reusable clamp instead of the disposable plastic waste. This would make switching the Monkey Mild over to other bikes a lot easier, but far more importantly, far more eco-friendly. 

Another issue I would have cherished was the ability to insert custom made light models in the M232R fairly than possessing to expend pretty much $one,000 on the Pro model. I like the $66 model we have right here but currently being capable to software my possess visuals would be awesome.

But even with these couple criticisms, I do love this product. It’s vibrant, interesting, and exceptional. When we took it out for a test trip, it genuinely did flip the heads of a couple onlookers who had been smiling and appeared to genuinely love the lights and graphics as we rode by. So if you’re not phased by the price tag, Monkey Mild is a definite “buy” for me. But to be distinct, I advise the M232R over the foundation design since the graphics are what will make this interesting and the foundation design is very little far more than a security light for $forty and there are less expensive possibilities out there. 

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I’m Amr I’ll see you in the future episode. Click right here to invest in your pretty possess Monkey Light 

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