New Mercedes-AMG eTurbo technology revealed

Rodolfo Schellin

Mercedes-AMG has confirmed that its next-technology engines will feature new, electrically-assisted turbocharger technologies. As effectively as the turbos being larger than these now made use of by the company, the new models will also feature a turbine-mounted electric motor for enhanced response.

The technologies is lifted right from Mercedes-AMG’s Method One particular staff and has been co-developed with the turbocharger company, Garrett. The deal is made up of a substantial compressor, a management device and an electric motor, measuring about 4 centimetres in diameter, which is connected to the awesome facet of the turbocharger.

When the management device senses an boost in motor load, it spins the compressor wheel at speeds of up to one hundred seventy,000rpm, supporting the exhaust gasses to get the turbine transferring and produce increase. The motor will be driven by the car’s on-board forty eight-volt procedure, as equipped to Mercedes-AMG’s moderate-hybrid types.

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Mercedes-AMG claims the electrical procedure can retain the turbine spinning even when the driver’s foot is off the throttle, keeping air move via the turbocharger throughout braking and mitigating lag when the electrical power is reapplied.

The electrically assisted turbocharger is pictured mounted on what appears to be an enhanced edition of Mercedes-AMG’s M139 two.-litre 4-cylinder petrol motor, suggesting that the company is now building an even a lot more highly effective edition of that motor. 

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