Rental e-scooters to be made legal on public roads

From Saturday four July, it will be legal to ride e-scooters on general public roads in Great Britain – as extensive as the scooters are rented from firms fairly than being privately owned, and riders are about the age of sixteen, with a complete or provisional driving licence. The scooters will be limited to fifteen.5mph.

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This is the very first time e-scooters have been authorized onto general public roads, and the go comes as the Federal government accelerates and expands trials as it attempts to clear up the incompatibility of social distancing with general public transportation. The e-scooters will be rented via a smartphone app, and customers will be authorized to ride them on the highway, and in cycle lanes.

The Section for Transportation (DfT) has confirmed that, as with bicycles, e-scooter riders will not have to don a helmet – while they will be

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