Most Common Employee Injury Questions

Most Common Employee Injury Questions

Every company is required by federal law to provide a working environment that is free from health and safety hazards. The department of OSHA oversees the compliance of companies with these regulations, but accidents still occur on many job sites. For this reason, and to obey state law, company’s also proved employee benefits that deal with injuries. The workmans comp Oregon law requires a company to address each employee incident with an any injury or illness that occurs in relation to employment activity.

Be in the Know

Accidents can happen even with the best training and the most careful employees. Knowing how to address the incident, file a claim, and return to work are things that both employer and employee should be on the same page about. Here are some of the commonly asked questions concerning workmans comp procedures.

1. What happens if I don’t file a claim? Should you fail to report your injury or the incident, you lose any right to compensation and medical care. Always report the situation immediately to your supervisor.

2. Can all of my disability claims get coverage? Not all disabilities are entitled to workers comp benefits. Coverage is only extended where the disability is a direct result from a workplace injury or occupational disease.

3. How much money will my disability check be? The rate of compensation involves an average of your yearly weekly pay prior to the accident. You will then receive two-thirds of this amount, but not if it exceeds the legal maximum allowed.

4. Can I get financial help for medical care even if I don’t file a disability claim? You are entitled to receive medical care whether or not you will be using the disability element of the compensation plan. This happens are long as no time is lost from work, or you aren’t absent for more than eight days.

To know the full extent of workers comp benefits, talk to the HR company at your employment. Be sure that everyone is acting on the same information to prevent denied claims.

Choosing the Best Airport Transportation

Vacations come with dozens of decisions and plans, and it’s often easy to overlook transportation to and from the airport. With more options than ever, customers can be tempted to leave it to a last-minute decision. However, you should make it a point to book ahead of time to ensure you have a smooth ride and no issues getting to your destination.

What Type of Transportation is Right For You?

Airline travel inevitably comes with luggage. Particularly if you are travelling with a group, the most economical choice is often a shuttle bus. For example, in Texas, there is a Houston to Galveston shuttle bus that can be taken without having to share rides. Shuttle buses are much more reliable than ride share services or taxis, and they are available both to and from airports. Limos are also a good option for groups, as they provide ample room for luggage and a fun way to start a vacation.

How Should You Choose a Company?

Check online reviews for transportation companies. Some even have the technology to monitor traffic and flights in order to ensure a smooth transfer. One of the biggest benefits of a shuttle bus company is that they are able to hire drivers as employees that are fully licensed and background checked. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that you are in the hands of a competent professional.

A ride to or from the airport shouldn’t be stressful; it should be a simple process of making a reservation and having a professional show up on time. Shuttle bus companies are a reliable way to transport groups of people and luggage. It’s often less expensive than rideshare companies or airport and cruise parking. Once you find a reliable transportation company, you can stick with them for future vacations.

How to Find the Right Vintage British Motorcycle For You

How to Find the Right Vintage British Motorcycle For You


Are you looking for a vintage British bike? Thanks to the internet, they are much easier to find. In order to narrow your search, you should ask yourself some questions about what exactly you’re looking for. Here are a few tips on finding the right vintage motorcycle for you.


Question #1: Is the Marque Important?


Are you looking for a motorcycle made by a specific manufacturer? There are around ten famous British motorcycle makers, including Triumph, Norton, Royal Enfield, and others. If you want a particular marque, try searching something like “vintage Norton motorcycles for sale”. If you are not sure what brand of motorbike you want, you can Google lists of British motorcycles to see what they might look like. Once you find pictures of a bike you like, you can do more research on that make and model.


Question #2: What Type of Bike?


Consider what you’ll use the bike for. Are you a collector or do you plan to use the bike regularly? If so, for what kinds of activities? Motorcycles are built with many different types of activities in mind, such as cruising or adventuring. Or perhaps you’re a city-dweller needing a fast yet stylish way to go places. In that case, you should look into café racers.


Question #3: How Vintage is ‘Vintage’?


How old do you want your bike to be? Are you wanting a motorcycle built before 1970? Or are you looking for a working antique, possible pre-WWII or even turn-of-the-century? Many of the bikes of these eras have incredible stories attached to them, so if owning a piece of history appeals to you, look for motorcycles from these periods.


There are many more questions to ask yourself than these listed. After you’ve answered them, you can move on to other important considerations, such as engine capacity and trim, so that you are eventually able to find the bike of your dreams.


How to Buy Electronics at Wholesale Prices

Obviously, there are a number of reputable companies that offer a wide variety of electronics at wholesale prices, and such gadgets include as MP3 players, digital cameras and mobile phones. Nevertheless, there are simple things you have to consider if you want to buy any electronic gadget online.

The offers you can get online largely depend on your chosen vendor. It may be required that you purchase items in bulk in order to obtain a wholesale benefit. On the other hand, you can find merchants that will let you purchase a single product at a wholesale price. Get more benefit here best buy coupon.

Here are vital guidelines you should follow if you wish to buy electronics from a seller:

Personal Research

The first thing you have to do in respect of the kind of product you want is to carry out research on available brands, product features as well as specifications. Search for at least two web stores on the product and compare the prices and the features. By so doing, you can identify the item that matches your requirements.

Users’ Ratings and Reviews

It is advisable that you join online communities like wholesale forums on electronics where you can find valuable information on the purchase of electronics at wholesale prices. Such online communities will provide you with updates on brands as well as latest gadgets on the market. Read reviews on the product. In addition, you will meet with folks who can tell you about bad and good vendors that you will likely meet online.


To buy electronics at wholesale prices, use Google to search for online electronics web stores or auctions websites, and these include eBay, Amazon and Bidz. Ensure that you check the performance rating of the seller. Don’t do business with any seller that has negative comments or little feedback.

Alternatively, you can buy electronic at wholesale prices through vendors from countries other than US or UK. Recently, China has become a force to reckon with when it comes to cheap wholesale gadgets. However, the product should not be too bulky – for instance a refrigerator. It is cost-effective to order for small items that can easily be shipped to you or to your customers. You also have to ensure that Consumer Protection Laws in your country is put into consideration on the type of product you desire to buy.

Product Warranty

Don’t forget to check if there is any warranty on the electronics. Find the warranty duration and find out whether it is the manufacturer or the wholesaler who issues the warranty. It’s not safe to buy electronics from a wholesale supplier that does not offer warranty. Credible wholesalers offer a manufacturer’s or seller’s warranty on their listed products.

With the foregoing, you should be able to get the best deal whenever you go online to buy electronics at wholesale prices.…




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  Bullet proof helmet for safety measure 

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Our life is our destiny and we can only save our valuable life by making an imitative drive. It means people to handle the most risen death probability cases and that is to save human life.  The protective measure of wearing a helmet is necessary for reducing the death cases …