July 25, 2024

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Quad Bikes – Joy On Four Wheels

Quad Bikes – Joy On Four Wheels

The quad bike is correctly referred to as a car that has 4 tyres and weighs of below 1210lbs – but not a car. Steering it on a street requires a MV license, registration in line with national and provincial laws not to mention the mandatory insurance cover.

It is an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle and designed for off-road use while in different places, a useful horse for farmhouses, posts and haciendas. They may as well be labelled Quad Bikes, ATVs and Quads, although they are one and the same.

The chronicles of the quad goes way back till 1893 when Royal Enfield traded off their first motor quadra cycle. Through 1899, this firm was making quadracycle having a De Dion motor then commenced sampling Minerva engines equipped on a dense bicycle frame. The Minerva was clamped on the front side downtube. Despite being from the cycles category, the Enfield quadricycle – quad made as a ‘carriage without a horse’ for ordinary use.

At almost that period, Henry Ford, a US car fabricator made the quadracycle, in fact, the quadracycle happened to be the earliest car fabricated by Ford. That quadracycle was simply two cylinder, 2-speed and with no reverse. It was 500lbs.

He sold off his quad in 1896 for merely $200 – a tidy sum in those eras and acquired it back some time later at $60. In modern times, a majority, if not all motor cycle manufacturers at the moment come up with quad bikes for sale and because of the attractiveness of the sport, we have publications devoted entirely to quad bikes as well as allied ATVs. Children are no longer left out of the picture and in truth, they have tournaments in every place where youngsters can ‘strut their stuff’ behind the handle bars of children’s All Terrains.

activities, can be able to exhibit dexterity and knowledge in the management of a machine; to the relevant provincial or state administration.

Should the ATV be for use on the road or racing, it is great to ascertain with DMV at your state or provincial offices for licensing questions, certifications among others. But other than that, the fun you are going to have with those toys for adults cannot be compared with almost anything else. If you have experience with motorbikes, you have to know, that there is nothing in common with the quad bikes, it’s lots of fun but in completely different way!